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    Flanged Top External Caged Liquid Level Switches
    Сигнализаторы уровня жидкости с фланцевым соединением
    Сотни применнений уровнемара в различных отраслях  промышленности таких как, нефтеперерабатывающая, нефтехимическая и производство электроэнергии, продемонстрировали надежность прибора.
    Принцип работы
    The buoyancy force of a process liquid on the float causes the float to ride on the liquid surface. The movement of the float with the liquid level moves an attraction sleeve into the field of the switch magnet, pulling the magnet toward the sleeve and actuating the switch.
    • Accumulators
    • Flash Tanks
    • Receivers
    • Knockout drums
    • Flare pots
    • Storage tanks
    • Scrubbers
    • Separators

    • Carbon steel float chambers
    • Stainless steel float and trim
    • Service pressures up to 900 psig (62 bar)
    • Process temperatures to +1000° F (+538° C)
    • Specific gravity ratings as low as 0.34
    • Chamber internals accessible via flange top
    • Single or multiple switch mechanisms
    • 1", 1 1/2", or 2" tank connections available in either NPT, socket weld, flanged side/side or flanged side/bottom construction
    • XP=Explosion Proof
    • IS=Intrinsically Safe
    • NI=Non-Incendive
    • NS=Non-Sparking
    • ELV=EMC/Low Voltage

    • XP

    • XP

    • ELV

    • XP, IS
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